Drew Dean is back on the scene with a brand new album entitled “Vibrations”. Vibrations is an eclectic mix of R&B/Soul, Afrobeats and Reggae and could be dubbed as “Tropical Soul”. It is filled with songs for various occasions and covers themes of love, hope and inspiration.

Although Drew has released 3 EPs previously, “Vibrations” is his first full length album. The idea for the project came during the brunt of Covid-19 in early 2020. According to Drew, “There was and still is so much depression and uncertainty around that I wanted to create music that lifts people’s spirits, while incorporating a distinct Island/Caribbean vibe. It’s a feel-good album.”

There are 10 songs on the album with collaborations on 5, coming from Infamus (St. Kitts), Jeremy Vanterpool on Saxophone (Virgin Islands), Duff Cosmic (USA), Venelle Powell (Nevis) and C.Z.B (Nevis). Credit must also be given to Steve D. Whittaker (St. Kitts) who co-wrote “Braveheart”.

There are various producers on the album, ranging from different locations. Layird Music (Florida), Alann Ulises (Mexico), Sinky Beatz (Spain), BeatzbyDB, Ransom Beatz (UK) and Antoine Adams (St. Kitts). Mixing and mastering was done by Drew.

“Vibrations” is now available on all digital/streaming platforms. The video for the first single “Nobody In The World” can also be viewed on YouTube.

Vibrations - Cover Art Vibrations - Tracklist

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